18 June 2007


Today is the Last Day of the Rest of Your Life

Bloodstain Hatchback had herself shrunk to the size of a pencil eraser. She attached wings to her shoulder blades and flew into a beehive. The queen acknowledged Bloodstain’s presence by brushing her with her antennae. Bloodstain murmured her thanks, then asked permission to fly with the workers as they collected nectar. The queen sighed. She wanted to go collecting as well, but her responsibilities kept her in the hive. All these babies, she said to Bloodstain, they get to you after a while. Bloodstain nodded. She ran her hands over a newly laid egg. Its soft warmth made her shiver.

Terrific story, as always, and thanks for the link. I'm throwing one up for your novel as well, which by the way feels very much like it's supposed to be on high quality paper, between beautiful covers, with the name of a prominent publishing house printed in like four different places.
Thanks for your kind words Ghostman. I've tried T&M at several publishers and a LOT of agents. No one seems to know what do with them, so they live in cyberspace for now. I plan to self publish a dead tree version some time soon.
Jeez. This is beautiful, Mario.

And I second the hopes for a publisher to wise up right quick about T&M.
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