27 November 2007


Marcel et Moi

Today is my fiftieth birthday. Part of me is just fine with being fifty. Part of me still wishes I was twenty something. None of that matters to the universe, of course. It trundles on, oblivious to my machinations. To celebrate the day, Kim and I are going to go see a movie, have lunch at our favorite restaurant, and maybe go to the art museum. I’ve also decided to read Proust, and I’m going to document my adventure on (what else?) a blog. It’s called Marcel et Moi. Kindly take a look and let me know what you think.


Happy birthday, Mario! Glad you were born, and glad for these strong new posts. Love your quantum fiction.
and, in honor of your new adventure: Proost.
Thanks Jess. That Proost is funny.
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