15 December 2007


The Farriers’s Tale

The constable found horseshoe tracks near a burgled house. He wanted to know if they were from shoes I had made. I told him my shoes leave no tracks. He scratched his head. No tracks? he said. I explained how I fashioned the shoes from cold iron, which repelled weight. My horses float on them. I handed him a lump of the iron I used. His jaw dropped. This weighs no more than air, he said, where did you get this stuff? I leaned close to him. Stole it from fairies, I said. He nodded slowly. Of course, he murmured.


I'd love to get a set of those for Vicki's horse for Christmas! A lovely tale.

I haven't been able to spend much time online lately so I'm way behind on your posts! I love this series.
Thanks Kevin. I'll see what I can do for Vicki's horse. Actually, I think I'd even like my own shoes to be made from that stuff.
Love it, darlin'! I want some shoes made from this too.
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