29 October 2005


From A Bestiary of Imaginary Species edited by Nenad Dragicevic: Insulat

The insulat’s unique life cycle begins in late summer when insulat shrubs produce tiny bundles of dark green fiber on their branches. These rapidly grow into cocoons which are chewed from the inside by the infant insulat worms. As the insulat consumes the cocoon it grows wings. The insulat takes to the air, navigating one long flight during which it will almost certainly be eaten by a bird. Those very few insulats that survive crawl into the ground where they die. In the spring their wings transform into shoots, which grow into shrubs, which produce bundles of dark green fiber.


In what sort of forest can I find these shrubs? Rainforests, temperate or mid-latitude deciduous, boreal, coniferous, or borges? Had you heard about the Borges Forests? Apparently they’re similar to his Universal Library. They hold nearly every species of flora and fauna imaginable. They’ve discovered only two places on Earth where these forests "grow." One is in small (secret) area in Central America. The second place is in a corner of the first forest as yet undiscovered and unexplored. Not surprisingly these forests are in danger. A Brazilian company has put in a bid to mine them for pieces of imagination.
Kim, this is the best comment ever.
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