08 November 2005


From A Bestiary of Imaginary Species edited by Nenad Dragicevic: Radicker

Radickers are microscopic crustaceans that live on brains, specifically the neuroglial cells in area 39, well-known as the section of the brain related to imagination. Once Radickers infest the imagination center they preclude the owner of the brain from believing that Radickers can exist. This is a kind of mercy, though also a debilitating distortion of reality. Folk remedies include having the victim watch horror movies to poison the parasite. Radickers have developed effective defenses to such tactics. They selectively eat only some neuroglial cells. This makes the victim want to shelter the Radickers. It is a thoroughly nasty relationship.


In highly technical literary analysis terms: yikes. Good one.
I can only add: yuck. I thought I was the one with the nightmares.
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