12 March 2006


The Metaphysics of Enrichment

We went to Mexico and lived between jaguars. Our English lowered far from us like the leaves that fell of a tree. We were in favor naked of a time, without words and raked by the elements. Jaguars demonstrated to us what to do. We put ignition the shelter of the Spanish and lived the world on the Spanish. Our vocabulary contracted to some hundreds words. We opened our hearts in the simplicity of diminished horizons and we did not feel any deprivation. When we returned to house, the alcohol of jaguars came with us and the English was transformed.


I don't usually explain my posts, but this one is a little different. I wrote a paragraph, then ran it through an online translator to get a paragraph of Spanish. I took the resulting paragraph and ran it through the translator again, getting a paragraph of English that resembled the original paragraph I wrote but with some subtle and not so subtle differences. This is the paragraph I posted here.
I love it, with or without knowing how and why!
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