06 March 2006


The Metaphysics of Error

Sandcastle Uproar was knot the beast proofreader anyone had ever scene, but she worked hat a hack add dim ick small press. Spel lung and gram mar is not hen exact sigh hence, she used to say, so I down try too be par fact. San Kastle had in accomadating boss who dint expect a grate deal from her and loved her scents of home mar. Thanks to San Case Sell, he said, oar press pub lushes many ink cohere ant books. Whee have a ripe pew tea shun four chill lunge ink books that reword close ink speck shun.


your writing is superb and spectacular and other words beginning with "s." i am slightly jealous, yet full of admiration. no kidding....
Thanks gb. I never get tired of people saying they like my posts.
howling with laughter...

I think I know Sancastle, and which press she works for, too.
Er, Sandcastle, that is.
Creative proofreading can be contiguous. Er, contagious.
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