03 March 2006


The Metaphysics of Inheritance

Grassland Undertow’s grandmother died. She had wanted to be buried in her backyard. Grassland made sure her wish was honored. She planted an apple tree over her grandmother’s grave. Years later Grassland bought her grandmother’s house and moved in. The branches grew over the roof of the house. Apples fell from the tree and bounced on the roof. Grassland thought of her grandmother whenever she picked an apple from the tree. When Grassland was very old, she thought someone was at the door. She opened it. No one was there, but Grassland sensed the aroma of her grandmother’s apple pie.


Oh Mario...

When do I get to take the class that teaches me how to write of senses empirical and insight metaphysical in such a way as you? Grassland Undertow...
Maybe I should call the blog Conditional Reality 101.
Mmmm. Apple pie. Mario?
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