15 May 2006


A Short History of Doubt

Year 1: We refuse to believe our eyes. Year 10: We refuse to believe our ears. Year 100: We are, however, pretty comfortable with our noses, fingers, and tongues, though some of us just don’t want to believe anything. We begin producing pamphlets denouncing both science and religion as superstitious claptrap undeserving of our respect. Year 1,000: Skepticism is universally recognized as a sign of health. Year 10,000: We criticize our governments. Year 100,000: We read our history books and do not believe a word. Year 1,000,000: We see every vision. We hear all music. The universe mistrusts our existence.


Nice one.
I love the journeys you take the reader through in this wonderful but hard to do well short form. You're a master of the chilling finish (or the kick in the stomach) -
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