17 May 2006


A Short History of Time Travel

Year 1,000,000: We find plans for a tachyonic transportation device among the effects of our recently deceased grandfather. We build the device. Year 100,000: We are greeted as great explorers in a world we stumble upon completely by accident. We meet some of our ancestors. Year 10,000: We observe wars and pestilence. Year 1,000: We find the device will not go in the other direction. We are filled with despair. Year 100: We are resigned to our fate. Year 10: We collect timepieces at each stop. Year 1: We anticipate a not so pleasant final stop at the big bang.


You are speaking of a FORWARD time travel history, yes?
Nope. They start at year 1,000,000 and go backwards.
I beg to differ...!
I'm open to other interpretations. How do you see it?
I can’t explain it, Mario. I found myself smack dab in the middle of your hundred word Möbius strip, not reflecting backwards with nostalgia upon the big bag from whence I sprang, but staring forward with anticipation into the ass-end of the big bang whither I goest…

Now THAT’S conditional reality!
I rather like your view of the piece. I read it again and it did indeed loop differently. See today's (May 20) entry for my response.
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