21 May 2006


Yet Another Short History of Time Travel

Year 1,000,000: We find plans for a tachyonic transportation device among the effects of our recently deceased grandfather. We build the device. Year 1: We anticipate a not so pleasant final stop at the big bang. Year 100,000: We are greeted as great explorers in a world we stumble upon completely by accident. We meet some of our ancestors. Year 10: We collect timepieces at each stop. Year 10,000: We observe wars and pestilence. Year 100: We are resigned to our fate. Year 1,000: We find the device will not go in the other direction. We are filled with despair.


Now THAT’S a narrative I can lash myself to the mast of! Chronology is a human construct (circa the Big Dig of Year 10…). The more we participate in the reflection or projection of our histories, the more we affect the order of appearance; we can see our narratives as ladled out of circulating water, not etched in hard, intractable stone.

Stream on!
"Narratives ladled out of circulating water." What a great phrase. Can I quote you?
Of course you may quote me—I gave birth to those words in your comment box; you get pick of the litter!

Thank you for this exchange and for your daily sui causa (or causa sui, depending how you look at it…)
Thanks for helping to define the parameters.
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